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BMW Carbon Fiber Steering Wheels with LCD Screen Shift Light Module

LCD Screen Shift Light Module Option

* Module connect using wireless OBD2 plug, no wiring required.


**LCD display shows 

  • LED shift indicator, adjustable from 500RPM to 9900RPM
  • LED shift light color, adjustable for RGB color.
  • Instance RPM reading
  • Current speed in Miles Per Hour (MPH) or (KM)
  • Battery voltage 
  • Engine capacity 
  • Boost presure (factory turbo)
  • Water temperature in Fahrenheit (°F) or (°C)
  • 0-60 MPH time tracker
  • Track timing
  • This Product Fits


    The custom carbon fiber steering wheels are available for a variety of vehicles. If your exact vehicle/transmission is not listed, please contact us at RealJCCustom@gmail.com

    F20-23 1-series
    F45-46 2-series
    F30-34 3-series
    F35-36 4-series
    F48 X1
    F47 X2
    F25 X3
    F26 X4
    F15 X5
    F16 X6
    F87 M2
    F80 M3
    F82 M4
  • Features

    • These custom steering wheels are modified versions of OEM steering wheels, which ensure a plug and play fitment by utilizing the best quality cores. Each steering wheel is individually custom handcrafted, comprising over 20 hours of labor to craft each perfect steering. 


    • Considering the production time in producing the custom carbon fiber steering wheels, we ask for your patience. Usually, it takes 4-6 weeks for you to receive the product.
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